I tried to stay true to ‘a photo a day’ but life intruded. My Sidewalk Nomad was launched with good intentions but never really went anywhere. Next up, I attempted a weekly photo review but that, too, fizzled out.

Now, rolling up my sleeves – and determined that THIS one will stick – I’m introducing yet another photo series called 7 Eleven where I’ll post seven random photos that I’m either particularly proud of, intrigued by or that I’ve deemed just plain fun on the 11th of each month.

And so, here they are, my maiden voyage 7 Eleven companions…

1. 4 Sale IMG_3322

2. Corrugated IMG_3342

3. All You Need Is… IMG_4828

4. Staples IMG_4609

5. Toasted Ravioli IMG_4995

6. Angel IMG_3113

7. Ready to Ride IMG_3116