Mightily so with a good stiff breeze
Or gradually over time
Thanks to gentle stirrings, peppered with patience.

New growths occur
Some perhaps at great distances.
Nature has her ways
And always provides – well, when she’s not feeling feisty.

In the world
Accounts for much of the way of things.
Fairness – not so much…

Husband and I spent a glorious afternoon hiking this weekend and these young ‘uns – rebels! – were also savoring a beautiful October day on their Harley Davidson motorcyles. Our very own, gorgeously incredible Ledges State Park was a madhouse of visitors yesterday.

Folks here realize that each and every luscious fall day that goes by may be the last good one of the year so you have to get out there while you can. These fellows, in their biker black leathers, graciously agreed to allow me to photograph them. I love their casual pose, the only shot I took as I did not want to delay them – they’d only just arrived when I crossed their path – in their enjoyment of a fantastic fall day here in central Iowa.

These beautiful trees, on just the other side of the fairway where we live, always take my breath away. I can be carrying a load of laundry or walking into the kitchen or looking up from a good book and I’ll spy the gorgeous fall colors of these trees across the way.

I have a family member – more than one, now that I think of it – who laments the months of September and October because of ‘what comes next’. How sad. As for me, I fully appreciate the joy and exquisite splendor of not just fall but every season, come what may. For I know that everything around us is forever changing and evolving and I prefer to enjoy the jubilant majesty of what nature provides, right here and right now.