My poem, To See with Thine Own Eyes, appears on page 26 of the just published 2022 Hallowzine Issue 3 edition, hot off the (on-line) presses!

Here is the link to the PDF which you can download for free.

It’s a funky little journal and I’m pleased to have been a contributor.  I think it’s a perfect way to cap off what’s been a very terrific day.  No complaints about autumn this year.  It’s been glorious!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and as always, THANK YOU for looking!

beetles scuttle through fallen oak leaves

meadow mouse weaves a nest of grass

flicker of wavering candlelight

a dozen or more flames dance & sputter

in the cool October mist

ivy-laden downspouts outline

an ancient crypt beneath a Hunter’s moon

its barred entrance faintly luminescent,

a teasing come-hither to what awaits inside

indecipherable headstones tilt at odd angles

footpaths littered with arboreal debris

chipmunks scamper among the graves

searching, perhaps, for long-lost kin

Today is the first of October, the very best, the most beautiful, the most inspiring and exhilarating month of the year. I adore the color, the scent, the pageantry, the crispness, the whole vibe of this month punctuated at the end with the fun of Halloween, a time when kids of all ages can act out their fantasies. It’s a time to indulge our imaginations!

What’s not to love?