As I continue to learn and grow as a photographer, I feel I’ve stepped up my game a notch or two lately as I continue to experiment with modifying the three elements of exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. While there isn’t necessarily anything special with this particular shot (and I know that it is far from perfect), I’m still pretty pleased with how this photo turned out. This was my first attempt at using exposure compensation so as to avoid a dark foreground due to the strong light coming through the windows and therefore allow the details of the woodwork and furnishings to feature more prominently in the photograph. In the first shot that I took, the entire bottom half of the photo was pretty much a hot, dark, mess. Then I remembered about exposure compensation and bumped the exposure up one full stop – and was thrilled with the results.

Lesson learned and that’s pretty exhilarating!!



There is just something so beautiful, so luminous, so serene about light filtering through the shade of a woodland canopy. It’s both breathtaking and soothing, calm and exhilarating. It fills me with peace. It’s where I long to be.

What’s lost is nothing to what’s found,
and all the death that ever was,
set next to life,
would scarcely fill a cup. ~ Frederick Buechner


There is a special time of day where the light is so luscious, so perfect, so golden and it sometimes takes my breath away. These wildflowers help to form a frame of sorts and, looking beyond these purple beauties, the late day sun has taken hold of the greenery. Bathed in subtle sunlight, the leaves seem to almost shimmer.


Ephemeral: Lasting for a very short time. Synonyms include transitory, fleeting, short-lived, transient, passing, momentary, brief.

Photographers everywhere appreciate the golden hours of elusive light, eagerly awaited during early mornings and late afternoons. This photog is no exception and I was pleased to have captured the warm glow of autumn sunlight deep in the day one glorious fall afternoon a few years ago.


A simple timer to switch on twinkle lights coiled up inside a heavy, green glass jar provides a gentle glow, casting subtle shadows and turns a darkened room into something almost magical. Whenever I sit in this room, quietly reading in my comfy chair, sipping a hot cup of chai and I hear that click, I look up and smile. Its warmth and blush of glimmering light always makes me happy.

The light this time of year is like no other.  At certain times of day, whether early morning, late afternoon or early evening, I’ll glance up from whatever it is that I’m doing and be utterly transfixed by the soft glow sidling across furniture, covering walls and streaming through the windows.  It is simply lovely as it casts everything in its path in the mellow gleaming of these autumn days.  Whether you choose to bask in its warmth or grab your camera for some great photos, don’t fail to appreciate the light in these precious weeks and short months before the gray and gloom of late fall descends upon us and skies turn white and angry with ice, wind and snow.   Yes, the light is gorgeous this time of year and it only serves to amplify the reds, yellows, golden browns and purple beauty of this – my favorite – the very best season of all!