Driving home from a 3-day getaway weekend, we saw the sign for St. Anthony’s, labeled as the ‘smallest church’. Stop the car. Back up….

After a five mile drive along mostly twisting, turning gravel roads, we arrived at our destination. The church holds just two rows of pews, tiny benches, really and there is an old cemetery – just a smattering of gravestones here and there. Quite the place and I’m glad we took the time to check it out. Gravel travel and backroad adventures are like that sometimes!

Here’s a link with more information ~

I love gravel travel! You really just never know what you’re going to find. My sister and I had great fun on Sunday – temps in the mid 30’s after several long, cold, frigid days this Iowa winter – driving country roads in search of — whatever!

My sister told me to STOP and back up when she caught sight of this pink chair positioned off to the side in front of a small white structure. A nice burst of color for late January. And all is well with the world…