It’s hard work
being the person
I should be,
the better version
of myself.
Someone who is liked, admired,
perhaps even loved.

Because who would ever want
the person I really am?

American citizens — weary of the bluster and outrage, indecency and greed and the mockery of the traditions we hold dear and the ravaging of our democracy — seek a leader to emerge from the chaos, someone to shine a light on injustice, someone to provide hope and guidance and someone to restore a sense of pride and compassion that has, until recently, been heralded and lauded around the world.

We are looking for that special someone who is:

  • Pragmatic and progressive-mind
  • Intelligent and well-spoken
  • Authentic
  • Earnest
  • Well-informed
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Honest
  • Cognizant of the worth of ALL Americans
  • Appreciative of the merits of discussion from both sides of the aisle and all those in between

Recognizing that saints are in pretty short supply these days, we nonetheless prefer a leader whose character and background are beyond reproach, one who has a record of commanding respect and affording it to others in equal measure.

Timeliness is of the essence. Your skills and leadership are needed NOW. Please: Make yourself known.

She roams from room to room
checks the thermostat
notches it up a degree or two.
With chores completed
and nothing more to do
a chill tends to set in.

It’s the dusk of the year,
waning light
the sun favoring the southern sky.
No bright windows to read by,
no outdoor radiance to warm her.

Her first winter alone
a new combatant: diving into depression, swimming in darkness, a paralysis of intent
or welcoming warrior: artistic exploration, snow-bound inspiration, the homey sustenance of soups and bread?

The choice — it’s hers to make.