My nephew bought an acreage a few years ago and has been fixing up and remodeling the old farmhouse. His original intent was to move in and make it a home for him and his wife and their preschool-aged twins, Brody and Ella. We visited yesterday to view their progress and I had fun snapping a few pictures of the beautiful old barn situated there.

The twins were running around, laughing and playing in the sun, and I was dismayed to hear that my nephew and his wife have decided to sell the place instead. While their reasons for doing so are practical and sound, I was still saddened to think of how these beautiful young ones won’t enjoy a childhood growing up on this incredible spread of land.

I love the weathered look of this door and its rusty hinges. I wanted to explore the inside of the barn but wasn’t properly dressed for the occasion and can only hope they change their mind about living there so that one day I may be able to do just that.

Thursday Doors: September 10