Daily writing prompt
Do you practice religion?

I do not. I often say Nature is my religion. Over time, the doubts in my head just became too loud and too persistent for me to pretend to adhere to any semblance of ‘faith’ any longer. I consider myself agnostic. I haven’t analyzed my views for a while now so for all I know, I might actually be an atheist instead. I don’t know that it matters. In any case, I abhor the arrogance of organized religion. There are a good many religious folks out there, I get that. I admire their kind and gentle attributes. But I think that is by stint of their own natures and not because they choose to affiliate themselves with religion or because they believe in a god. Oh. And let’s not forget the multitudes of so-called ‘Christian’ Americans responsible for the nightmare administration of the Orange Menace and the horrors of January 6th and the continuing threat to our democracy. Their hypocrisy and stupidity are truly astounding.


Sometimes it slows down, so much so that our days can feel stagnant but otherwise moving along at a leisurely pace – nice! – and at other times we find ourselves being pulled along and/or pushed into activities, events, changes that leave us gasping for air.

One thing is certain, however; life keeps moving on. How we react to what it brings is ours to decide. And that can make for quite the astonishing difference.

Daily Prompt: Astonish

Don’t snuff out your own bright lights
Bad enough that others will try to do that for you
Assemble your efforts to reach ever higher
Ascend those jagged rocks to pinnacled peaks
Find your own beauty and grandeur
Finesse your own sweet way in the world
Leave stifling to old reruns
Shame on anyone who would seek to undo
your sense of purpose, your sense of self.

Leave them, and go.

Daily Prompt: Stifle

silky and refined
gossamer threads
neatly woven
embracing our every need
and desire
sometimes turning frayed
and becoming unraveled
always pulling
on forced intimacies
and enacted
whispers of light
evoked by the smallest
of transgressions
and promises,
regularly consumed
by hydrangea days
and gardenia nights
exasperating us all.

Daily Prompt: Evoke


THIS part of me – my faults, my hang-ups, my frailties – they’re yours. You can have them.

You can sift through the rest to see if anything sparks your interest. Doubtful, though.


This beating heart of mine, however, is spoken for.

Flipping and flopping, stopping and starting,
unsure at times whether I really have what it takes – that’s taken.

Ditto my sometimes unsavory soul, my intermittent hopes, my juicy passions. Likewise, my unrelenting dreams and unseemly quirks.

I don’t know what else to tell you. Perhaps you should just look elsewhere.

Daily Prompt: Carve

Young children (and certain adults) resist leafy, green vegetables:
Kale. Spinach. Swiss Chard.

Paunchy, prematurely gray men nix the idea of an early morning run.

Millennials txt lk ths, punctuation be damned.

Hipster chicks on a frigid Friday night: warm coats left behind. Hardly enchanting when mummified against the cold.

Politicians and the truth: Need I say more?

Daily Prompt: Allergic