Transitions: Fall to Winter


Farewell to fall and, depending on where one lives, hello to the beauty and bluster of winter. For some of us here in the Midwest, we’ve gotten an early taste of what perhaps awaits us in the long months ahead.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, chock full of warm and welcoming colors and that indescribable scent and weight and feel of the invigorating, crisp and, at times, brisk air. The inevitable cycle of the seasons dictates, however, that fall must give way to what comes next: snow, wind, ice and cold.

Enter the holiday season with all its pageantry, light, love, laughter and cherished traditions. Thanksgiving, that unique American celebration, replete with feasting, family, food and football, sets the tone for Christmas. More of the same and then some…

Childhood memories and nostalgia for what was (or perhaps that which we believe had once been) is a mighty force behind the potency of the Christmas holiday. We recall the eager anticipation and countdown of Santa’s arrival, the heady excitement of seeing the bounty beneath the tree come Christmas morning, the songs and carols that still make us smile, the red and green and gold and silver of holiday décor triggering a feeling of contentment unlike any other event of the calendar year.

The holiday season is upon us now, providing those of us in more frigid climes with a welcome distraction from the bitter wind-chills, icy roads and snowy driveways that winter promises to deliver in the weeks and months ahead. And yet, winter in December can be beautiful. Softly falling snow, the calm stillness of winter woods, frost on windows and the delighted cries of children playing outdoors, rosy cheeks and colorful caps, scarves and mittens to keep them warm.

Perspective is everything and I, for one, choose to embrace this transition from fall to winter just as I did when I was a child: filled with starry-eyed wonder and an appreciation of the changing of the guard from one season to that which follows.


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    • My mother-in-law and one of my sisters grumble constantly about our Midwest winters, not even savoring the beauty of fall because of ‘what comes next’. I choose NOT to follow in their negative footsteps!

      That’s not to say, though, that come March I’m not more than ready for spring!! Thanks for your comment, Roberta.

  1. Wonderful Julie! I always feel badly for those grumps who can’t enjoy Fall because they are already worried about “what is to follow.” I may begin to feel down by March with the winter but this early in the season it is easy to have a positive attitude!

    • Absolutely agree! When I publish a new post, it displays on my Facebook page as well and already have received three negative comments related to winter. One from my sister who succinctly declared ‘winter sucks’. She is exactly one of the people I had in mind when I wrote this but obviously to no avail! 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

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