Blogging 101: Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Hello everyone! My name is Julie – I go by JulieAllyn in The Land of Blog – and I’ve been a WordPress blogger since June 2014.  Like many of you, I suspect, I was curious as to whether I had a story in me or not – or at least one that might connect with others.

The experience thus far has been most satisfying.  I love being able to meld both photography and my thoughts, views and ramblings into a public forum AND getting to meet some pretty amazing and talented bloggers from all across the globe.

I recently discovered the world of photo challenges here on WordPress and love it.  Posting old favorites and hunting for interesting and appropriate new shots to fulfill the assignment themes has been great fun.  And participating in these photo challenges has boosted my traffic stats as well!

While I greatly enjoy the photography aspect of posting to my blog, however, I want to focus on and strengthen my writing and storytelling abilities.  So here I am.  I’m looking forward to stretching and expanding and being challenged to grow my skills and to also making some new friends along the way!

Assignment: Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself


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  1. You have brought with since the time you started blogging a wonderful ability to express yourself with words. I am sure you will take off and fly with no problems..

      • When I took typing in high school, the class was split up where half the students learned on the old-fashioned manual typewriters and the other half (this included me) started on the sleek and modern (!!!) IBM Selectric electric machines. There was this geeky guy who was more than twice as fast on the manual machine than I could ever hope to be on the electric one. Ugh. And then it got worse mid-semester when we switched to the other version. No matter. The important thing is that while I’ll never be very fast, at least I know HOW to type. 🙂

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