Blogging 101: Say Hello to the Neighbors


One of the things that I most enjoy about blogging is exploring – with my Reader! – what others are writing about out there.

Freshly Pressed is amazing in its diversity and one of my goals as a blogger is to someday have a post of mine featured there. So many talented writers and photographers!  Here are a few of the blogs that I discovered (and now Follow) on Freshly Pressed:

Running on Sober
The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice
The Gravel Ghost

Another way to find other interesting blogs is to participate in some of the WordPress forums. I ‘met’ one of my favorite blogging buddies this way when I provided some feedback on a post she was working on. Her posts are fresh and quirky and humorous and sometimes quite telling. Oh. And she has a knack for capturing life with her camera (and post-processing!) that I often envy. Her name is Mara and you can connect with her via Mara Eastern’s Personal Blog.

Many friendships have blossomed in just the short seven months since I cranked out my first post. I’d like to give a shout out to these wonderful ladies whose work and blogs I very much admire:

Martha at Therapeutic Misadventures
Julie at Frog Pond Farm
Roberta at Words Like Honey

My life is richer and fuller because of these new relationships and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful, new world of blogging! It really is a community of like-minded individuals – all of us striving to make ourselves heard (and read!)

I’m humbled and honored to a part of it all.

Assignment: Blogging 101: Say Hello to the Neighbors


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  1. Oh my! Thank you Julie ..what a lovely thing to say. Trust me i feel exactly the same way. I love this blogging world, communicating and making new friends and sharing with them. So special! Wonderful post and pic 😀

    • I don’t know where you live (or your first name for that matter!) but this photo was taken in Galena, Illinois here in the great Midwest!

      It’s a wonderful old river town with TONS of fun shops, lovely old architecture, stunning views and the home of Ulysses S. Grant and other historical buildings if that’s your thing. My husband and I (and on separate occasions, my mom/sisters and I) have stayed in several nice B&Bs over the years. Its a great weekend getaway!

      • Hi Julie,

        I am In Virginia!. I love historical architecture and my fair city of Richmond is a treasure trove of the stuff. Speaking of U.S. Grant, Richmond is the home of the White House of the Confederacy!

        You are in Iowa, right? I lived in Cedar Rapids and Ottumwa as a schoolgirl; my dad is a Minnesota boy who met my German mother while in the Army.

        Galena sounds wonderful! I love an old river town!

        Looking forward to getting to know you better. I told myself I was happy with the amount of blogs I currently follow and didn’t want to add any more, but darn it, you had to be this good, didn’t you?


      • Oh my. How sweet of you to say that!

        I sometimes veer in that direction myself but when I find something I really like – either the writing or the photography or, great combination, BOTH – I add the blog to my list as well.

        I’ve made some wonderful friendships since I began in JUN. Such fun, isn’t it!

        Let’s stay in touch.

        Oh. Richmond is on my Travel To Do list!

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