Blogging 101: Keep Personalizing

Today’s assignment actually answered one of the customization questions I’ve been puzzling over as of late.

Background: I purchased the Promenade theme several months ago and was happy with the look. The top of my home page displayed a banner with a selected photo squarely in the middle. Two weeks ago, my blog started to display with the photo blown up to huge proportions. No more banner — it was all photo. So much photo, in fact, that you had to scroll down to get to the content of my home page: the posts, sidebar menu items, etc.

One of my blogging buddies suggested I navigate to the Appearance / Header menu item in my Dashboard but no such animal existed. Turns out, as I learned via the information in this assignment, only certain themes support making modifications to the header. Apparently, Promenade is not one of those themes.

I did post a question to the WordPress forum regarding the change in size of my header photo and was told that the developers had recently made a change to the theme. Aha! I knew something must have happened since I had made no customization changes whatsoever. Now, however, I’m told to just use a thumbnail size of the photo I wish to use.

Can someone explain how I go about doing this? I know how to insert a thumbnail (or other) size photo into a post since the interface clearly gives you the option to do so. But to take an existing photo and change to thumbnail or any other size? Not a clue. Fellow Bloggers: Can someone help me out here? Disclaimer: I did insert a smaller-dimensioned photo into my header, for the time being, that was already in my Media library but it isn’t the one I want to use and besides, knowing how to convert to larger (or smaller) sized photos might be useful later on.

Oh!  And I also added an Image widget toward the bottom of the home page.  All kinds of fun stuff going on here!

Keep on bloggin’ everyone!

Assignment: Blogging 101: Keep Personalizing


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  1. I have a long list of changes I wanted to make to my blog – thinking to refresh it. Now I have serious second thoughts. I loved the photo of your feet. A dear fellow blogger – Marie Keates at recently went through a total volcano of blog hacking and lost year’s worth of material. She has rebuilt but her header of a box of chocolates is lost and I miss it. I think continuity is important, like knowing what the spine of a favorite book looks like when you reach for it on a the shelf…
    Just my 2-cents worth.

    • Duly noted, Martha! I do want to get that photo back up there. It has fond memories associated with it and I was really bummed when it suddenly zoomed to gigantic proportions! Another blogging friend, Allan (great blog, wonderful photos – do check him out) offered me a link to see if I can’t get it resized to a more manageable look and feel.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I appreciate where you are coming from with all the customization. I am still having trouble getting the header on my blog just right especially when I switch between devices. I like the layout you have for your blog. It looks great

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