Blogging 101: Try a New Posting Style


Trying something different is sometimes a challenge. I’ve known people who loathe change while others thrive under an onslaught of NEW. We are, all of us, creatures of habit and how we bloggers BLOG is no exception.

That said, I’m going to incorporate the use of links to one or more previous posts as well as try to vary the placement of photos here using a more diverse approach than my usual plunking down of a single photo at the top of my post, centering it and blowing it up in size as far as she’ll go.

In order to facilitate the placement of a few photographs, I’ll try to recap the year, what we’ve seen of it anyway, thus far.

New Year’s Eve? Husband and I attended a basketball game that night – our beloved Iowa State Cyclones are having a good season and are currently ranked 9th in the nation – and then we were home and in bed by 10:30. Party animals, we’re decidedly NOT.


January started out fairly frigid. The usual Midwest suspects – cold, snow, icy roads and strong winds – closed schools and businesses and made travel pretty much miserable. But we Iowans are a hearty lot and we (for the most part) take it all in stride. Once we got past a week or so of subzero temps, January has really started to shape up. There is little to no snow on the ground thanks to several days of temperatures in the 40s and 50s so with the month almost at a close, the remaining two months of winter are a little easier to swallow.


February, often cited as Least Favorite Month of the Year, brings Valentine’s Day AND my birthday. I turn all of 58 this year. Gulp. The Big 6-O is fast approaching. Funny. I feel like I’m still in my 40s or even late 30s, depending on the day and how well my RA is behaving itself.

Bill and I have scheduled a trip to Colorado this summer where we plan to hike and explore and plan to pursue one of my bucket list goals of reaching the summit of a 14er, a mountain peak more than 14,000 feet high.


Later this year we hope to visit my son in St. Louis or perhaps drive out to the Black Hills and Devil’s Tower where we spent our honeymoon nineteen years ago this April.

As always, I’ll have my trusty camera in hand and eyes wide open, looking – always looking – for that next great shot!


Assignment: Blogging 101: Try a New Posting Style


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  1. It looks good Julie! I have not attempted that and will check it out sometime. You are moving along quite nicely on this challenge and nice to read about your experience with it, and passing on the info to us is really great.

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