Blogging 101: Try (Another) Blog Event


Oh, but I have enjoyed a variety of blog events courtesy of WordPress and so many wonderfully talented bloggers out there in The Land of Blog!

Participating in a variety of photo challenges and joining the conversation on a number of Daily Post threads has resulted in new friends, new discoveries and the happy consequence of increased traffic and exposure of my blog to a broader audience.

A favorite group of photo challenges that I’ve had a lot of fun with are hosted by Cee Neuner.  You can check out her blog and challenges here. Stop by and join in the fun!

While photography is great fun and offers more ‘instant’ gratification here on WordPress, I think I’ll check out some of the writing prompts and challenges. Hmmm. Three Things Thursday sounds interesting! Any other recommendations?

Assignment: Blogging 101: Try (Another) Blog Event


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    • Thanks! It was one of the shots I took for Cee’s Industrial photo challenge. I wasn’t sure if I liked it but my husband did so that was good enough for me!

  1. It’s hard to say “no,”! Lol! I actually have taken on a year long photo course. You are such a good writer, I look forward to watching you bloom in that area..

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