Day Three: Five Day B&W Photo Challenge, Redux


It’s Day 3 of the 5-day black and white photo challenge. Cee Neuner asked me to participate so here I am. She’s put together a wonderful photography blog. Please, stop by and check it out: Cee’s Photography. She hosts a number of photography challenges every week which are both fun and inspirational. Give it a try!

I must admit – I’m drawn to mundane, every day objects, those things we see and handle and use and walk by a hundred times a day and never really pay much attention to. Case in point: this pottery catch-all (made by my son when he was just a child) filled with clips, die and assorted odds and ends.

Two rules for this challenge:

1. For 5 days create a post using any past or present photo in black and white.
2. Each day you invite a new photographer to join the fun.

Day Three Invitee: Debbie Smyth @


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