My Mother’s Library


By far, the greatest gift my mother gave to us girls was her love of reading. On visits back home, we girls would peruse her shelves for something new to read or to reminisce with Mom about old favorites. My uncle, Roy, built these shelves for her a few years ago and they hold most – but not all! – of her collection.

I snapped this photo a few weeks ago and also captured a few shots of aerial photos of the old homestead, a cringe-worthy family photo of the six of us girls from the early 80’s and a series of incredible photos that my mother took of a summer storm. I can’t believe I never thought to photograph these things before. Now, I have my own copies to cherish for years to come. As for all these books, well, we girls will have to draw straws, I’m afraid, to divvy them all up after Mom’s gone. But hopefully, we won’t have to concern ourselves with that for some time…

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #9


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  1. It truly is such a gift. My mom was a big reader, but it was my grandmother who had the home library that allowed me to have all sorts of adventures – some age appropriate, some maybe not so much 🙂 But I think it’s the memories more than anything else that leave a smile.

    • Yes. And the 8-track tapes and albums are boxed up in the basement! One of my prized possessions? Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Mom chastised me for ‘wasting’ the $11.98 I paid for this wonderful classic album!

  2. Such a huge collection of books, I would one day love to have such a collection. I inherited my love of reading from my granddad, he would be envious of such a collection.

  3. Dividing the memories via the things left is often a heartbreaking task. Many families simply cannot cope during those times, and more often than not the “in-laws” will interfere and cause hard feelings. It is sad, but the in-laws often feel as possessive or more so than the children.

    I heard from one lady that her family used the occasion to have a reunion and each brought a small covered trailer to take away their part. They did not draw straws, but began with the eldest down to the youngest child (biological and adopted all included) and took turns gathering up one thing at a time. Now if the inheritance is large, that would take an eternity, so maybe some of that could be done AS the PACKING up is done–furniture first, maybe then pictures from the walls, and on down to books and other personal items.

    My best to all of you when that time comes!

    • Thank you for such a kind and well-thought out response. We attach some pretty strong emotions to mere ‘things’ so it isn’t as cut and dried as just saying to covet these mementos is an act of pettiness.

      Thank you again for your response!

      • I may be misunderstanding what you as saying here. My comment was in no way intended to mean that you or the family members were covetous or petty. My first sentence was about what a heartbreaking task dividing the memories would be.

      • Oh! No. I didn’t think that at all. I was just saying we can all attach strong emotions to what some might say are just mere ‘things’. No offense taken whatsoever. It’s all good. 🙂

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