Mowing Shoes


Our garage, much like the garages of most folks I suspect, is a catch-all for all manner of accumulated possessions, tools, gadgets, toys, cast-offs and what not. Comfortably ensconced atop a rickety shelving unit is a turtle planter (waiting for weather conditions ripe enough to allow me to fill it with dirt, flowers, sunshine, hope and love), a garden tchotchke (one of three that I purchased at Earl May a few years ago, each resembling a kind of robotic woodland creature) tucked away in the upper right corner of the frame and my trusty, grass-stained mowing shoes: New Balance #381.

Trash Amnesty, that much anticipated rite of spring cleaning, is our cue to dig a little deeper to see what else is lurking in the shadows of our garage (and other dark, hidden spaces) so that we might create additional space for yet more stuff to fill the void (of our lives?).

My mowing shoes, however, will stay right where they are: Ready to spring into action whenever the lawn needs trimming.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Numbers


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    • I took this a few months ago playing around with B&W. I noticed the number of the shoes and thought it might work for this week’s challenge. Keep ’em coming Cee! I look forward to the challenges each week. πŸ™‚

  1. […] I thought it would be fun to jump onboard. The prompt was numbers. I didn’t look at Julie’s post before I set out to capture my shot. When I sat down to look at my choices, I took that moment to read her post. Fascinating to see creative results from an others mind’s eye. […]

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