Take Two


Cee has presented us with a different sort of Fun Foto Challenge this week, one where we’re to use the elements from a selected photo (shown HERE). Those elements, one or more of our choosing, include:

  • Rain / Water
  • Reflection
  • Industrial
  • Lines & Shapes
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Signs
  • Colors:  Red, Gray, Green
  • Containers or Trash Cans
  • Window

Certainly this image contains windows, some crudely constructed, and there are several containers – the hollowed out mobile unit in the foreground being a rather large one at that! – and, of course, the requisite trash can. We certainly have a variety of lines and shapes in the scene and, stretching my imagination a bit, I am easily able to pick out the gray and the green while the bus could be described as an orange-ish or fiery red!

This challenge also dovetails nicely with the photo I submitted for Cee’s B&W photo challenge that I called Dilapidation. It’s the black and white shot I took from the same perspective and it is difficult for me to decide which photograph I like best. (Your preference?)

Cee: We love your challenges and the opportunity to ‘strut our stuff’ as well as providing us with ready-made connections to other bloggers and photo enthusiasts. I’m constantly blown away by the talent, creativity and imagination of so many new friends!


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  1. It’s funny when I saw this photo, I said I’ve already seen this…..but then I realized this is the color version. I do like the color….and it does fit in well with this challenge. I love it. Thanks for the write up.

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