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While I’ve been away…

Blogging has not been a high priority lately as my son was here visiting for a few days. Although we grated on each other’s nerves a few times, as is always the case when he’s here more than a day or two, we managed to have a little fun as well.

We hiked, explored the downtown river walk, ate at a variety of restaurants, and rode bikes. Here’s a great example of my son’s wacky sense of humor. My sister and I, following along at a slower pace, encountered this amusing vignette on the way back to our vehicles. It reminds me of my dad, Wesley’s grandpa, as this is exactly the kind of stunts he liked to pull. It occurs to me now that it might have been funny if Molly and I had just continued riding along as if we hadn’t even seen him.

In any case, we had a nice visit but I’m certain that we’re both glad he’s back home now!


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  1. Visits from adult children are fraught with emotion. I’m so glad you and your son had a good time despite the “growing pains” we all experience. My youngest daughter leaves today for her move across the country. I will welcome her with open arms though the two or three dogs accompanying her are a bit of a concern for Alice and I!

    • It helps to know ours is not a unique situation. Prolonged visits from anyone (or to another’s home) can, I believe, cause strain for anybody. I need to keep that in mind Best wishes for a most successful move for your daughter!

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