Project 365



Pulling back the curtains and stepping out into the light…

Here’s the first photo for my very own Project 365. My good friend Mara has inspired me with some of her wonderfully creative shots so I’ve decided to follow her lead and see where things take me!

There are several cherished mementos on display here in this photograph. Some make me smile while others make me giggle. A pink candle, a gift from my sister, provides a backdrop of color and serves as a makeshift bookend. A cleverly placed – and serendipitous! – 365 Ways to Kiss Your Love, a sweet little book that I received when Bill and I were engaged, is perfect for this, my initial Project 365 kickoff. Others include: words of wisdom in Life’s Little Instruction Book, all sorts of wonderful ideas in Susan Branch’s Christmas Joy, an admonition to Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There, the first three volumes of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events and an interesting antique store find entitled Log of the Water Wagon Or the Cruise of the Good Ship Lithia, published in 1906. Those are the things that (mostly) make me smile. Look closely and you’ll see a goofy shot of my husband and me, dressed as pirates in one of those trendy, fun photo booths at my niece’s wedding two years ago.

And to tie it all together: a lovely angel, innocent and serene, her wings wide-spread with her head resting on her hand – and seemingly unimpressed with the whole lot of it.

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