Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place


My happy place? Firmly, contentedly ensconced behind my camera.

I’ve finally found my passion in life and it’s photography. Everywhere I go, my visual antennae is constantly attuned to my surroundings. I enjoy looking for the unexpected, for patterns, for color, shapes and most importantly, I revel in the light. I’ve driven solo on gravel roads, stopping when something catches my eye, getting out of my car and walking along fields, woodlands and pastures and have actually laughed and shrieked out loud: This is so much fun!

So definitely, without any doubt, my happy place is anywhere my camera takes me!


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  1. it is amazing how much more you see as a photographer. I used to just look at a scene and think ‘hmmm, that’s nice’. Now I look at everything with so much more clarity, I note the details, I find beauty in places I would never expect. Brilliant post Julie, behind the camera should have been my ‘Happiest Place!’ 🙂

    • One of my (five!) sisters recently started getting into photography and it’s gratifying to share my passion with her. She’s starting to develop a ‘good eye’ and I’m thrilled watching her develop her skills – as I continue to develop mine!

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