Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds


From a vertical perspective, the bottom half to 2/3’s of this photo is dark with the silhouette of the tree tops completing the upper third of the space. The photograph also serves to illustrate the Rule of Thirds with the two tree tops occupying the upper left third of the ‘grid’.


I like the distribution of the weight of the fence posts as they run somewhat diagonally throughout the image.


This tree arches gracefully to position itself into various thirds of the frame.


Husband standing tall in the bottom left of the frame with the wooden bridge spanning (not quite) toward the upper right of the photo.


This rusty, old bridge takes up most of the image with the black and yellow diagonal road sign signaling a clear ‘stop’ to visually yield two-thirds of the image to the left and a kind of dead space to the right.

Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge: Week 9 Rule of Thirds Introduction


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    • Thanks. I’m getting more and more brave about posting my B&Ws. Still, my jaw drops when I see the work that others have done. It’s all about learning and loving the process!

  1. Your first image is spot on and beautiful to boot. B&W is the perfect choice for this one. The back-lighting provided by sun really accentuates the skeleton-like structure of the tree.

    • Thank you Allan. I’d actually overlooked this photo which was taken on an evening stroll around the golf course we live adjacent to. That’s happened a few times where I’ll go through my archives and have an ‘aha’ moment. Kind of nice, very rewarding!

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