The Ritual Cafe


We love our Starbucks but there is just something special about a locally owned establishment. The Ritual Café, in downtown Des Moines, serves breakfast & lunch with a variety of locally baked goods, panini sandwiches, coffee, espresso, chai and hemp nut smoothies. I shot this today – while experimenting with exposure compensation – with a tasty apple raspberry smoothie to help take the edge off as we took a break from the Des Moines Arts Festival amidst the blistering heat and humidity we’re experiencing this summer – and it’s not even July yet!

The walls are covered with funky art and local playbills, bohemian posters and hipster bumper stickers. Vegan fare is proudly proclaimed on their menus, website and counter displays. There is a comfortable low-rider sofa set on a small stage in the corner – the vantage point for this photo – and there are two large garage-type windows that open to the street when the temperatures are tad more agreeable than they are today. Its got a great vibe and I enjoy both the food and the ambience here. Interesting clientele makes for some fascinating people-watching as well.

Maybe I need to rethink this whole Starbucks thing….


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