Some things change a person. My world now, the one I currently wish to inhabit, has closed in a few degrees. An aperture akin to f/22, a tighter opening, a more focused vision on those things in my life that have greater meaning than the shallow, arbitrary, fleeting approval subject to the whims of, well, whatever and whoever is trending at the moment.

Doing, seeing, observing, walking, dancing, grooving, creating, laughing, reading, cooking, baking, savoring, contemplating.


These are the delights with which I wish to fill the hours of my days, not the eyestrain of a blinking, blinding computer screen.

Inspiration rather than exasperation. Exhilaration vs. mere existence. Living vs. dying.


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  1. And yet you just posted on my “blinking, blinding screen,” so I could read it and be moved by it, and love the alliteration. And you can do both, live fully and enhance your life with your computer. It is especially easy for women. We are wizards of multi-tasking~

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