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    • Thanks, Julie. I’d asked my sister for permission to stop over during the day (while she and hubby were at work) to snap a few photos of the chickens since I’d last seen them as very young ones. I’d forgotten she’d gotten a rooster. He’s so beautiful! I was very pleasantly surprised – and so pleased with how this one turned out. I can see why people love their chickens although Theresa wasn’t too happy a week or so ago when she had to spend an entire day cleaning out the coop and bathing each of the chickens – 7 in all, I believe – after she discovered they had mites!

      • Oh don’t her birds free range? Chooks do get mites, but dust bath or scrabble around in the dirt to move them. I have used lavender as a deterrent, and I always clean out the coop with lavender in soapy water. Get your sister to check out diatomaceous earth. He sure is a handsome rooster ..

  1. If by free range do they, well, run free? Yes, they do. But I didn’t want to stop by, wandering their property without giving my sister and her husband a heads-up in case the neighbors were to report some ‘shady’ character taking liberties with their chickens! 🙂

    I’ll mention those things to her. Thanks!

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