Daily Prompt: Roots

She exited the third stall, washed her hands and as she turned to leave, there it was. Why hadn’t she noticed this sooner? Chagrined, she made a mental note to pick up a box of L’Oréal Honey Blond after work.

Running her fingers through her dry, brittle hair, she was all too aware that she’d been pushing it a bit. In her quest for a light and airy – youthful! – look, the repeated colorings had certainly done a number on her naturally amber waves. She wished she had the wherewithal to be satisfied with what the gene pool had doled out to her. Being Blonde didn’t automatically confer stellar self-confidence. It hadn’t been the panacea she’d thought it would be. What remained, still, was a demeanor that begged a tweak or two. Cosmetic alterations, a closet bursting at the seams and alcohol-induced giddiness did not translate into kindness, consideration for others or a healthy sense of humor.

Maybe it was time to rethink the color job. Maybe other self-improvements were needed here instead. Certainly, something worth pondering over lunch. Heading back to her desk, she switched gears and mentally prepped herself for her next meeting at 9:00. She’d deal with the root of her problems later.

Daily Prompt: Roots

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