Daily Prompt: Control

When it came to calmly and rationally contacting her Members of Congress, her best intentions went AWOL. Her emotions took over and the F-bombs went flying. Such was her anger and her frustration with the way these elected officials (not ‘her’ elected officials since she sure as hell didn’t vote for this lot) were conducting the nation’s business.

Did they not care about people’s sufferings, their hardships? Did they not realize the legislations they proposed and the regulations they gleefully rolled back would only serve to weaken, degrade and destroy the environment? Surely they knew – but apparently did not care – that this was the only planet we’ve got? Did they truly believe Big Business would do the right thing and ensure people were treated fairly, that they would have adequate and accessible health care, that they would not dump pollutants into the air, water and soil? What kind of fools did they think we all were?

Apparently the kind of fools who’ve allowed this kind of thing for generations.

She was dismayed (and embarrassed) at her lack of control in conveying all these concerns in a lucid, respectful manner. But more than that, she was horrified at the control these few had over so many. She could not wrap her head around how all of this came to be and was hopeful for a rectitude, of sorts, although for the life of her she could not imagine how that might come about.

Still, she held on to that because she just had to believe that what was right would prevail.

Daily Prompt: Control


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