Scourges of Womanhood

In two-thousand seventeen
Fragile women remain
Harassments to advantages gained
And freedoms purchased
Via the tireless efforts
Of so many before us.

Weakness in women
Paints unflattering portraits
Of gender betrayals
Fainters and screamers,
Weepers and handwringers,
Inviters of contempt

Pathetic tributes to a bygone era
Inexcusable excesses
Of melodrama and manipulation
Causing injury to all:
The delicate, the strong
And those who strive for potency.

We are made culpable
For their deficiencies
By our shared biology
These tenuous flowers
Poison our gardens:
Such needless sabotage!

Their unwillingness to see
Their inability to thrive
Their eagerness to hold us back
Shackled in another age
We are our
Very own worst enemies.

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