Zenith of That Crazy Sun

not undone
nor remade.
Certainly never
or forlorn.
Naked Goliaths
running toward white lights
seams bursting
flesh tearing
in mellow frames
of neon tomorrows.
Rest, ye weary
boots on wings,
schooners on rails.
May your mysteries
be elevated to higher seas
limned in crystal fire.


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    • Thanks, Allan. Props from you means so much. 🙂

      This is something I wrote right before turning out the lights last night. I tweaked it a little before posting.

      In other poetry news, however, I received yet another rejection. Sigh. Just have to keep at it, eh? 🙂

      • Chin up, Julie. Nobody hits a homer every time they come to bat. James Lee Burke is my favorite author and his first book was rejected by over 100 publishers. His agent went broke and was living in his car when he finally got published. They are both doing quite well at the present time. What did we learn? JLB says to resubmit the work to someone else within 72 hours.

        Good luck & keep plugging along.

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