7 Eleven

Seven random images posted the 11th of each month…

NOTE: Due to a development snafu, this did NOT get posted as scheduled on April 11th.

  1. Intricate

2. Abstract Metallic

3. Prep Work

4. Collage: Journal Cover

5. Shriveled ‘Shrooms

6. Wildflowers

7. Pastoral Tableau


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    • Cee, that is sweet of you! I’ve kind of been swept up in other obsessions of late. Sadly, due to the pandemic I’ve not been out and about as much as I’d like to, Canon in hand. But – hubs and I will both have our shots soon AND he’s retiring the first week in May!!

      BTW – I’ve wondered what’s become of Allan Smorra. Do you know? He had a delightful blog centered around his life and past career working on the SF Gate bridge. I can’t seem to locate him.

      • I get my first vaccine today. I got Covid last year and have had covid long haul since, So since early October I’ve not been able to walk through the house without losing my breathe. So needless to say, my camera and I haven’t been out much either. I’ll do some drive by, but that’s about it.

        Sadly Allan Smorra died from cancer. He was such a cool person. I always loved that he was lucky enough to climb the Golden Gate Bridge for his job. I know he did retire and have some time afterward to enjoy it. You are the second person I know to have mentioned him lately. He was a great presence in the blogging community.

      • Cee, thank you for the sad update on Allan. I always felt like he was sort of my ‘champion’, always a kind and encouraging word. He shall be – is! – missed.

        I’m so sorry to hear of your covid struggles. Sending good thoughts your way. Take care, dear friend.

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