Yellow Elephant

Yellow elephant

How odd you appear

In the light of a harvest moon

Baggie shorts, neon sneakers

Crown of dandelions

Encircling your big, fat,

beautiful head.

No matter!

I love you regardless—

Where else could I find

So warm & loving an embrace?


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    • Thanks, Grace. This is one of the poems I used for the Postcard Poetry Festival this past summer. Are you familiar with this? When you register, your name and address is added to a list of 29-30 other names. Then in the month of August, you send a postcard – you can create your own which is part of the fun or use a purchased card – and on it you write a by-the-seat-of-your-pants poem which is sent to each of the names on the list. In return, you will receive a postcard from each of the others on that list. It is great fun and I’ve collected some very clever poems and wonderfully designed cards. You might want to check it out!

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