Age creeps up on us all and while it does create new challenges, many of which are related to body ailments and an increase in physical limitations, the added years also afford us perspectives not previously embraced. The older I get I begin to understand there are demons I’ve fought my entire life. I recognize now the people in my life who’ve always had my back as well as the sad realization there are others who do not — no matter how hard I’ve tried to garner their true love, support and acceptance. One can only channel Sally Field for so long.

And so, I try not to dwell on my hurt and disappointment. Instead, I’m working on appreciating what I do have — and it’s a bunch! — and taking better care of myself even if that means letting go in the appropriate manner.

Daily Prompt: Release

We navigate our lives with arms stretched out before us, unsure of what lies ahead. We find our way, we learn, we grow. Soon, we are enmeshed in the familiar, the sameness, the comfort of what’s known, providing us with the warm satisfaction of safety, nesting and contentment. But this same familiarity can often lead to stagnation, boredom and restlessness whether or not we are aware of its impact. We require change and challenges if we are to grow.

So, if we are to enjoy continued reawakenings – those grand feelings of awe and self-nurturing – we must recreate ourselves. New mantles undertaken with enthusiasm, perhaps tinged with caution and restraint, are key to exploring new realms of what we are capable of becoming. Climbing those mountains, learning new skills and acquiring new tools for living, touring exotic locales, opening ourselves up to infinite possibilities are all positive and exciting facets of lives not just well lived but truly, truly lived.

Daily Prompt: Recreate

I’m rocked
by your splendor.

Tears gather strength,
seeking release.
A choke in my constricted throat
as I’m overwhelmed
(and humbled)
by the raw power
you exude
at every twist and juncture
of this crazy road
as higher
and higher
we drive
into a world
and a creation
as alien and sparse
as Jupiter’s landscape
to wandering Neptunians.

You enthrall
and terrorize me.
I’m captivated
and frightened.
I’m bewitched.

and drop-offs.
Cold feet
amid hairpin turns.
My four chambers
ratcheting wildly.
Nothing else matters
at this moment.
You make me aware
of what it means to be alive.

Pizza oozing,
with temptation
certain to both
sate and deflate
with every glorious

Thick crust or thin
(thin, please)
(lots of it)
basil and oregano
spicy Italian sausage
crispy capicola.

Flavorful? Oh, my.
she says
wiping the drool
while simultaneously
the cholesterol check
she’s put off for too long.

Daily Prompt: Flavorful

I’m no poet
and I do know it;
even my shoe size fails me
(I’m a six).
I entered the hallowed halls
filled with promise
and anticipation.
The kings and queens before me,
they did not disappoint.
It was I who fell short,
inadequacy my trademark.
Bluster, my ill-fitting coat of arms.
Humbled and chastised,
my trailing tail coiled between
the two legs I did not even
have to stand on,
I’ve chosen to retreat.
Perhaps one day
I’ll fight again.

Molly & me in the hayloft
on a warm day in June,
peering through gaps
in the floorboards.
The Brown Swiss below us, oblivious:
What did they care of sisterly shenanigans?
We chewed on black jelly beans
and thought we were hilarious
as we spat our licorice mastications
onto their unwitting backsides.
We were so easily amused.
No technology was involved
in our heifer harassments.