Gas? Or Water? Does anyone else remember playing that game as a kid? Walking down the street and spying one of those city utility caps in the sidewalk. Stomping your foot to cover the letters and asking your friends or siblings to guess which one — gas or water.

Strolling through our neighborhood tonight with my camera I smiled when I saw this.  It reminded me of those silly sidewalk games we used to play so many years ago.

Another street game, of sorts, took place when we went to visit my grandmother who still had three daughters at home when I was very young. One of my aunts was just two years older than me and when you threw in a cousin the same age as me there was the inevitable two against one — and I was always the ‘one’.  Mary and Denise would sometimes blindfold me and walk me to a remote area of the small town my grandma lived in, leave me there to count to one hundred before I could remove the scarf covering my eyes.  I would then try to determine where I was and run back to grandma’s house.  I thought I knew the town pretty well since we all played there together so much and because, well, it really was a very, very small town.  There was that one time though — and to this day I can still picture looking around in astonishment and having absolutely no idea where I was — when they escorted me to a section of town I’d never been to before.  I believe it was on the very outskirts of this tiny Minnesota community along the Iowa border.  I recall being a little scared but ultimately (obviously!) I found my way home.  To this day Mary and Denise love to tease me about it and at a recent family reunion they laughingly attempted to haul me off yet again to another hiding place.

Oh.  And for the record — it was water.