Iowa is, and has been, a crazy place the last several weeks leading up to tomorrow’s first in the nation caucuses for both the Democrats and the Republicans. We’ve been inundated with speeches, mailings, letters to the editor, phone calls, news conferences, sound bites and kissing babies, hyperbole and promises, TV commercials and, of course, candidates, candidates, CANDIDATES. Tomorrow night, we caucus.

For giggles, my husband and I walked around our state capitol grounds and then descended on downtown Des Moines to take in all the political sights and sounds. We take our politics seriously here although for many of us – whether Democrat, Republican or Independent – we are just ready for it to all be over!

Here are a few shots I snapped this afternoon.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Trump supporter. I only took the photo of the sign as it was part of the whole caucus ‘circus’ environment. And what’s a circus without a few clowns? 🙂