She no longer earned a salary
Or laid out the next day’s outfits
All so very color coordinated: Blouse, earrings, the shoes on her feet.
The office was no longer her thing.

But that did not mean
She no longer had worth.
There are other ways
Of making a contribution.

Figuring out just exactly what that entailed.
That was the real challenge.
Not knowing the answers just yet
Did not mean they weren’t there to be had.

The alarm ruled my days
And SAT/SUN were my carrots.
They were devoured, yet savored.
Required tasks done quickly
In order to yield maximum downtime.
Books to read, walks to enjoy, relaxation = joy.

Now, my own time spreads out before me
Like a vast ocean.
I’m sailing uncharted seas.
An entirely new paradigm.
Rather than peering forward, slogging through five for two places of rest,
Time = Islands = Respite
No longer applies.

I can do what I wish to now.
Later, there may be other, different carrots to propel me forward, through my days.
But for now, I no longer seek ‘land’ on the horizon to get my bearings.
The dimension of time now provides a new perspective.
Opportunities abound,
And I continue to wrap my head around the possibilities.

What an odd name for fizzy pleasure.
Pink and blue makes purple
And white foamy bubbles.

Water not too hot
But quite hot enough.
A calming, clean scent
With a hint of slickness to oil my skin.

Quiet escape.
A place to lie still
Until the water cools just enough
To warrant another torrent of hot H2O.

IMG_5477 (3)

Images born
On wings of hope: May there be beauty!
Some find their mark bringing both joy and relief.
While others, finding their mark still, cause anguish, dismay: Please. No….
The truth hurts. Seeing it squarely in front of you, yes.
But being made aware that these images of light match – with such painful certainty
That what was painted
Sometimes, it’s more than I can bear.


Mightily so with a good stiff breeze
Or gradually over time
Thanks to gentle stirrings, peppered with patience.

New growths occur
Some perhaps at great distances.
Nature has her ways
And always provides – well, when she’s not feeling feisty.

In the world
Accounts for much of the way of things.
Fairness – not so much…


Cozy and still
Despite flashing streaks of light across a darkening sky
And rumblings: low, deep and satisfyingly sustained,
She sips her cuppa.

Curled up in cushiony comfort, with a good read to occupy her thoughts
And a small, yet sturdy table top close at hand
From which to reach for her mug of warmth
She thinks how luscious and perfect this moment feels.
Peaceful. Calm. She is content.

Nature’s noisy and brilliant displays
Set to the music of a driving, late summer rain.
While here, just here, safely ensconced in the place she calls home
She enjoys the quiet connection of her mind and what some might call her soul
To the rat-a-tat cacophony of sound outside her window.

Fleeting, always fleeting, over and done with for some time before she recognizes the storm has past
And is no more.
She is jarred back into the Reality of Things
And gets up from her snug place of rest
To empty the dishwasher, fold towels and contemplate her next move.