Class is Now in Session

Gorgeous fall day and all is well.  Sitting comfortably in the sun, sturdy twin-seat andirondack chairs beneath us, favorite beverages in hand, we are enveloped by nature.  Babbling brook, stellar jays and magpies flitting about, congregating three abreast on a branch high above, wildflowers and tall grasses slightly swaying in the warm autumn breeze.  Perfect venue for playing with my camera, inspired by two new photography books I picked up at Barnes & Noble earlier this week.

Bill and I took a class when we bought our first SLR almost fifteen years ago.  The assignments were fun and we learned a lot.  However, while I ‘got’ it at the time, working the manual dials on my camera is a bit of a challenge for me.  Bill retained pretty much everything and so is a good mentor.  My brain just can’t think that fast.  But I know practice is key and this is something I’d love to master.

Auto mode is easy and, for the most part, a no-brainer.  From my perspective, composition and subject selection are what I enjoy most but as Bill and I played around today stuff was starting to click.  The books I purchased include assignments to complete to help drive home the concepts.  I’m looking forward now to becoming a student again and photography is one subject I heartily look forward to studying any time, any place!


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    • Indeed. How I wish I’d had one when Bill and I were first dating and married. I took plenty of pics when Wesley was little (Before Digital, of course!) but then fell out of the habit for some reason.

      Thanks for your comment. I love my camera too!

  1. Good for you! I fought the move to digital for years. When I was married to Roger we had a darkroom no matter where we lived. I was a purist and believed you could either “take’ a picture or “make” a picture. Though I miss the technical side of developing black and white images, there is nothing like the instant gratification of a digital shot that I can instantly see on my computer…

    • Black and white is something I’d also like to play with. Have you seen The Gravel Ghost blog? I think I’ve reposted something of hers previously. She does incredible work methinks.

      As always, thank you for your comment Martha. Hope you have a great day!

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