What I’m Starting to Figure Out



To write ~

Start with an idea, ponder it awhile, flesh it out and approach it from different angles and perspectives. Try it on for size; you’ll know when it fits. Next (or more appropriately, throughout) add passion to the mix, modulated by the voice only you possess, the one that announces to all that this is who and what you are. Sift it, shake it up, sit on it awhile, revisit as needed. When it feels right (write?), begin.

If it has momentum, the task is a pleasant, satisfying chore. The words and thoughts and essence of your message will fly from your fingertips, the keyboard barely able to keep up. Success does not necessarily follow but if it is a joy and genuinely represents your soul, your very core, then that is its own reward.

Should, however, the completed effort require more than you were quickly and easily able to give but you stretched beyond what you thought you knew to be your limits, very likely then, the warm glow of achievement, of a job well done will honor what was extracted.

This, I believe, is why we write.


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  1. Yes! Find that small string of thoughts and words that excite you and see what it can become. Don’t count the words, don’t force the idea, let it take you where it will and then let it sit and stew. Come back later to check on it and see if it has grown comfortable and feels true to you.

    • Occasionally a word or phrase will jump into my thought stream (sometimes, just a trickle, other times a raging river) and I think ‘My God, I need to use this somehow’. That’s when my mind really starts firing on all cylinders. As long as its still enjoyable somehow, I’ll continue to want to see where it takes me!

      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Ah, yes, the author’s self assessment! So very true, all of it, that when the inspiration comes, the fingers fly and the mind is a thousand miles (words) ahead of the keyboard. I sometimes get frustrated with my hands when they cannot keep up. That is the time to back off and allow the thoughts to coagulate into a smoother flow rather than a “fact list”. Such a wonderful hobby and, I imagine, rewarding chosen career.

    • I’ve described blogging, for me, as something that scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. I’m able to combine my love of photography with an until now not realized enjoyment of writing. It’s exciting and while retirement beckons in the, perhaps, not too distant future, I certainly know now that this is yet another way I plan to spend my time. Life is good!

      Thanks for your comment dear friend. 🙂

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