And So It Goes

What should we do today?

Hmmm. I don’t know. I guess the bathroom could use a good cleaning. We still need to cut down those tall grasses out back and stow away the patio chairs. Oh. And we talked about doing a ‘cook-a-thon’ to stock the freezer with casserole goodies so we won’t have to keep eating out so much during the week.


Yeah, okay. I’ll draw up a grocery list. [She pulls out a scratch pad and pen, starts putting together a shopping list.]

Hey. Want to run to Starbucks, read the paper, ‘lax a bit before we start in?

Sounds like a plan. Let me shower first.

OK. I’ll just finish up some work-work while you’re doing that.

Oh. I think I’ll check my blogging stats real quick first… [She scrolls through her Facebook feed, responds to a few posts, accepts a Friend request – looks through his recent activity and photos – laughs at a few posted videos, jumps to her blog stats (sigh – nothing), pulls up her Reader to see what’s new, laughs at some funny photos, Likes a few of them, punches in a couple of witty comments to others, realizes she was going to take a shower, heads to the bathroom.]


That felt good. Now I am clean and you are dirty. [They both laugh at this long-shared joke.]

So. Do we really want to do this – get started on painting the living room?

Sure. I think it would look better than that contractor-white that’s up there now. [She offers to help as he starts pulling the furniture away from the main wall and removes all the photo frames, the ones he took such time and painstaking effort to put up there in the first place. He then takes measurements to calculate how much primer and paint they’ll need.]

No. Just stay the heck out of my way. [Again they laugh at yet another shared joke. Whether it’s him preparing a meal or doing something of a technical or mechanical nature or anything requiring brute strength, that’s his standard, light-hearted response.]

Remember, we need to stop at Target for my Rx. Then we can get painting supplies and stop at Starbucks for an hour or two.

I’d kind of like to find a place to watch the football game at 2:30.

Right. Well, let’s run our chores first, hang out at Starbucks for a bit and then go to that sports bar across from the mall to watch the game.


Another disappointing game. Well, there’s always basketball!

I think I’ll stop at Home Depot for a few more paint supplies that I should have picked up earlier today. [She waits in the car and snaps several photos of the gorgeous sunset sky, all lit up in shades of pink, rose, blue and turquoise.]

The wind has died down and it’s not really that cold right now. I’ll get my walk in when we get home.

Yeah, I’ll burn that master copy of Becky’s wedding video while you’re doing that.

Perfect! And maybe a little House of Cards later tonight?

[He sits in the recliner to listen to the post-game show while she checks her blog stats (much better!). Half an hour goes by, then an hour. She’s still sitting there, working on a new idea for her next post, he’s nodded off and fallen asleep. She decides it’s probably a little too chilly now for her walk and besides, she still needs to run to the store to get those groceries they forgot to pick up earlier.]

[And so it goes…]


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    • They are! Busy yes — at avoiding all the things we’d planned to do yesterday. HA!

      Actually, though, once I finished posting this, Bill and I did go for a walk last night. We’d had pizza the day before and cheeseburgers that afternoon so I really thought it was in my body’s best interest to make up for my dietary transgressions!

      As always, thanks for stopping by! Oh — and I posted that photo for you. 🙂

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