Role Models


Unlike both my mother and my mother-in-law, I hope to remain physically active into my 70s and I don’t just mean mall walking or potting a few container plants come spring and fall. I want to hike the Rocky Mountains and shoot my .22 and ride my bike and golf and maybe even discover a new passion or two as the years go by.

Like both my mother and my mother-in-law, I hope to have perfected a variety of recipes – dinner entrees and baked goods that I can whip up without having to refer, again and AGAIN, to what’s written in my flour-smudged cookbooks or scribbled onto recipe cards.


Unlike my mother-in-law, I hope to continue to travel and seek new adventures, always finding joy in the facets of our everyday lives, appreciating and seeking to commune with nature and exploring the world all around me – both close to home as well as across the globe.

Unlike my mother, I hope to still have my husband at my side, healthy and well, alive and kickin’, until death comes knocking on the door for both of us at once. I’ve seen how difficult it has been for her to carry on without Dad and while she’s managing just fine now, it has been a horrible struggle for her and I hope not to go there.

Like my mother-in-law, I hope to continue enjoy playing cards with family and friends. A few years ago we held a Game Night at our house and it was so much fun that I’m wondering even as I write this why it is that we haven’t organized something like this again since then. Note to Self: Arrange for a little soirée once we’re past the rush and tumble of the holidays!

Like my mother, I hope to continue to enjoy holiday decorating and landscaping and color and fabric and fun clothes and jewelry. On second thought, I am certain that I will!

Like my mother, I know that I’ll continue to pursue my love of reading.


Like my mother-in-law, I know that I’ll continue to love her son with all of my heart, soul and being.

Like both these women, who play dominant roles in my life to some degree or another, I am my own unique self. I know I have strengths and passions and characteristics they do not and never will possess. But just as well, I am sometimes lacking in areas in which they neither of them struggle, such as patience, calm or restraint.

We all have to strike out on our own, seeking pathways that best suit and fit who we are as individuals but in many ways, we can benefit and learn from those who have walked before us.



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  1. With laces like those on broken-in boots I would say that you are ready to wander as the mood strikes. This is an inspirational reminder to keep moving, connecting with others and taking a bite out of life. Good luck.

    • Thanks Julie. She and I have our differences and truth be told it was a challenge for me to find many positives to write about but then, that was the point of the whole piece. 🙂

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