We saw these little critters everywhere we hiked in Colorado’s glorious Rocky Mountains. The literature and guide maps all caution against feeding the wildlife in the park but apparently there have been far too many people who just never got the memo.

These ground squirrels – I believe that’s what they are – are not shy about approaching anyone and everyone for a handout. Fearless, and apparently hooked on the goodies doled out to them by the hordes of well-meaning (but misguided) tourists that visit the park each year, they scamper underfoot, up rocks and branches, into backpacks left on the ground and will easily take food proffered them with not an iota of hesitation. Cute though they were, I resisted the impulse to feed them since I’d read that it really isn’t in their best interests and besides, I’m sometimes a real stickler about playing by the rules especially when it comes to respecting the beauty and grandeur of nature and her inhabitants.

Still though, you have to admit. This little fella is pretty adorable.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Ups

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