My sister had tipped me off quite awhile ago about this tiny little county park not far from where she lives. I’d tried several times to find it but it remained elusive until I finally asked her for step-by-step directions to its location (at the end of a dead end gravel road). And it did not disappoint! The winding trail, through deep woods, crossed several small bridges – darling enough in their own right.

But then….

There, in the midst of this small, relatively unknown county treasure, I discovered a suspension bridge much to my delight! It even creaked and swayed a bit as I crossed over to the other side. How cool is that? Their website describes the park as follows:

“Zo-El, a 10- acre woodland, features a winding trail that climbs to the back of the park, crosses a long suspension bridge and then descends back to the trail head, affording the hiker a beautiful stroll through a lovely woodland park along with a picnic ground.”

A beautiful stroll, indeed. Made. My. DAY!!