Billed as Iowa’s First Agrihood, Middlebrook Farm in beautiful, downtown Cumming is a delightful place to visit. We bought half a dozen ears of corn for our supper tonight. Yum! Middlebrook Farm hosts a Friday at the Farm where each week they feature a rotating variety of live music and food trucks. We will definitely want to check this out once summer 2021’s horrendous heat & humidity is firmly entrenched in our rearview mirror!

Click each photo to see in full display. Always & forever, thank you for looking!


We’d be looking forward to another September sojourn in Colorado right about now but, well, better not to linger on what might have been…


Next year, fall of 2021, we’re hoping


will prevent us from spending another week or so out there again. (COVID — I’m talking to YOU…) In the meantime, YouTube hiking videos are a glorious, if imperfect, way to celebrate the tangible beauty and mystique of the Rocky Mountains.

We continue to rack up “Ooh, let’s do THIS trail!” potential hikes for our next visit.

Here’s a video we enjoyed over lunch today. Ypsilon Mountain is one of my favorites although we’ve never hiked it, just enjoyed it from a distance. I took this photo in September 2017. A glorious peak!!

Nick & Barb Sangetta Hike to the Summit of Ypsilon Mountain