7 Eleven

Seven random images posted the 11th of each month…

However, due to an injury my husband sustained earlier this month – falling from a ladder and obliterating his left elbow and thereby cancelling our scheduled trip to Mexico this month – I failed to package this up to send out. Shrug. Better late than never!

1. Icy Shrub

2. Crochet Project

3. Daddy’s Rose

4. By Hook or by Crook

5. Neighbor’s Roof

6. Life’s Punctuation Mark

7. 4th of July Remnant in the Dead of Winter



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    • Thanks, Julie. He’s doing fine. Got the splint off earlier today with a new cast that he’ll wear for two weeks, then he’ll be fitted with a ‘hinge-able’ brace. He fell from about 13 feet onto the cold concrete of our garage – the ladder slipper out from under him as he was poking his head up into the attic opening. It could have been SO much worse. We’re very thankful we’re not having to deal with something overwhelming. THIS we can deal with!

  1. I really like the lighting and composition in the photo of “Daddy’s Rose”. All 7 images are beautiful, Julie.

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