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  1. There is a lot going on in this photo, Julie, and that’s a good thing. Have you been back here at night when the lights are on?

      • From an Electrical POV:
        You have a compact fluorescent lamp in one fixture and who-knows-what in the green one. There is a messenger cable stretched taut to support the black cable feeding a string of festoon lights (the one with the CFL). You have some conduits running up the wall alongside what looks like a downspout. And through it all is a set of steel stairs and handrails. BTW, one of the one-hole straps is coming loose on the pipe to the left of the black downspout (it might even be a size too small) and someone needs to caulk the hole around the pipe where it penetrates the brick wall to keep water out.

        From a Photographic POV:
        I see vertical, horizontal and slanted lines. A reflection in the window and detail inside the room beyond. The bricks add a nice horizontal texture to back up the graphic feel of the pipes. The curved brick lintel compliments the catenary curve of the festoon lighting cable and round green shade of the large light fixture.

        Circles, lines, angles, curves, square shapes, round pipes, arches, ells, texture color, reflections—there is a lot to see, Julie, and it is all good.

      • Wow. And here I just liked how it looked. HA!

        Thanks for the treatise – both from an electrical AND a photographic perspective. I love that you took the time to comment on this simple photo. You’re the bomb, Allan. And that is all good. 🙂

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