Daily Prompt: Blanket

David wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

He’d had enough of her lies, her deceptions, her false displays of affection. And yet, to leave… Well, that just wasn’t an option. Not for him. Not for someone who believed in until death do us part. Not for someone who loved her as much as he did, for as long as he had.

So he soldiered on, covering up the messes she made, hoping for some enlightenment on her part (or his), a changing of ways, a fresh start. New beginnings, that sort of thing. The thing that made it all so hard to endure, however, was how tired he felt. At the end of a hard day in the fields, he wanted nothing more than to curl up on the couch and drift off into peaceful repose. But he dared not. Always, he had to be watchful. Would there be no end to it?

Daily Prompt: Blanket

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