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      • Looked up your “About” , because I didn’t understand why you didn’t have more comments. It seems it takes wordpress-ers some time to warm up, but once they do they are loyal friends!

      • Wow. Thanks for that. LOL – yeah. Sometimes I’m surprised some of what I post doesn’t get more of a response, not necessarily because I think something is ‘award-winning’ or major good but because I’ve put a lot of myself into it. Stuff dredged up from the past that is hard to reconcile at times but putting ‘pen to paper’ helps to clear the cobwebs and puts things into a better light.

        Shrug. Anyway, I thank you for making that observation. And THANK YOU for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I have to get back to mowing the lawn – quick break, you know! – and then I’ll peruse your blog as well. 🙂

  1. Great shot – that colour does standout against its background.
    I don’t know why I notice stuff like this but I assume they open inwards, because the ground seems like it would be in the way if they opened the other way.

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