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    • Thanks, Cee. The location is a place called the Seed Savers Exchange in NE Iowa. There are 890 acres with trails, trout streams, woods, cattle and neat old buildings like this one. It’s the same place I shot my ‘Homestead’ photo. So relaxing! Bill and I had ourselves a wonderful afternoon hiking and making photographs (and memories!!)

  1. Julie I recently did some hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Caroline and all there is marking some of the hiking trails other than a worn path is a stripe of paint here and there. I like this idea much better. I would really like to visit this place.

    • As noted in a previous reply, this is near Decorah, a small college- town in NE Iowa. It’s a wonderful place!!! I took this at the 890-acre Seed Savers Exchange. If you are able to, please check us out here in the Midwest. It’s not all flat cornfields! Iowa is a lovely place but then I’m biased being’s I was born and raised here. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Oh. I agree. LOVE the trail markers here. And they made for a great photo op methinks!!

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