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    • Thanks! So, kind of an interesting story behind this (and a couple of other photos I shot at the same location). On a road trip to northern Michigan with my in-laws, we’d stopped for ice cream. Next door was an old shed / shack with a sign out front indicating antiques, collectibles, that sort of thing. I walked closer and snapped three photos then turned back to join the others. Just then I heard someone shouting (at me, I wondered?) In any case, I kept walking and then crossed the street to take photos of an old grain bin. Walking back to the car I saw a scruffy man, about 40 or so, headed my way. He did not look happy. I hurried across and told my husband (thankfully, my in-laws were already in the back seat!) “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s GO!”. We quickly drove out of the lot and, while I avoided making eye contact or even looking at the guy, I could tell he was angrily addressing me as I sat in the passenger seat! It really kind of rattled me. Husband said he took a look at our license plate and I wondered if I’d find a warrant for my arrest when we returned from our trip! I honestly didn’t think it was a problem to take pictures of what was obviously set up as a business of sorts. Kind of creepy!

      • Thanks for sharing the story behind the photo and I’ve often worried about something like that happening, but I never pictured someone taking down a license plate number. I love street photography and would like to spend more time on it, but I’m still a little uncomfortable with the process and would not want to have a confrontation. I love nature photography where I only have to worry about the birds yelling at me.🙂

      • I agree on all accounts, especially with regard to street photography, I love the raw, gritty nature of capturing life on the go but also worry about intruding into other’s space. A fine balance is required. That or a blatant disregard, devil-may-care attitude for whatever others might think!

      • ALSO: I’m starting to realize that inanimate objects are more of a strength for me than shooting people. I guess it just works better if I can take my time framing the shot, getting my settings right, etc without having to worry about the people involved. That said, I still like to grab street photography shots of people, dogs, etc but only if I can do so inconspicuously!

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