Daily Prompt: Fluff

I think all of us would love for the world to be a joyous place filled with strawberry ice cream, confetti, helium balloons and colorful streamers where we dance in the streets with lively music filling the air from every rooftop under sunny blue skies dotted with happy little clouds. There would be no crime, no disease, no disabilities, no avarice, no greed. Everyone is smart! Everyone is beautiful! People would have each others’ best interests at heart and kindness and compassion would be the order of the day.

That’s the stuff of fairy tales and we all know it.

Some people operate under the weight of the direct opposite of that fantasy ideal and almost collapse from the self-imposed negativity of trying to right too many wrongs. Noble, yes but the reality of the ugliness in the world can be too much for anyone to deal with day in and day out, year after year after year if indeed adherence to such a lofty goal is able to sustain itself for any extended period of time.

On the flip side, however, are those individuals for whom unpleasantness must be avoided at all costs. These are the folks, God Bless ‘Em, who insist on only viewing their world with optimism. They do not – ever – wish to be made aware of anything that challenges their funny, furry, fuzzy, fluffy outlook. Too often, these fortunate ones have not yet had to grapple with doubt or struggle or unfairness or financial worry or inequality or hardship or poverty or loss or isolation or physical unattractiveness. Theirs has always been a lovely, wonderful world. I’ve wondered whether they are aware that most people’s lives are not similarly blessed or if they realize that so many others won’t ever enjoy the good life these Golden Ones sometimes take for granted.

It’s true that negativity in a person is an undesirable trait; however, cheerful yet unmitigated and relentless avoidance of the harsh actualities of the Real World is hardly admirable – or practical – either.

Daily Prompt: Fluff

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