It’s hard work
being the person
I should be,
the better version
of myself.
Someone who is liked, admired,
perhaps even loved.

Because who would ever want
the person I really am?


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  1. You are the best version of you there will ever be!

    “Should be”
    “Would be”
    “Could be”… All those turn out to be – unrealistic demands that weigh a person down.

    Specifically to you: I see what you do, and it’s a beautiful reflection of – who – you really are. Photography tells a great story, and you’re pretty amazing! With your interests in details, in the strength of materials that seemingly don’t decay, taking geniuses to build – not everyone understands. I do. Plus the beauty of delicate things. You have a really good balance.

    Be gentle to your own self. Your life really matters, and you know something?

    That’s the truth. I tell it.

    Beautiful poem of expression, thank you for sharing it. My response is sort of generalized and specifically to you, but can apply to anyone. Because everyone’s Life Matters around this beautiful world.

      • You’re welcome. Sometimes we all do, and it’s perfectly fine to reach out. In fact, it’s much more healthy if you do.

        I may not necessarily click on your photographs, (I always look) but as a photographer – I can see what you’re looking at, what interests you – and it’s a very beautiful balance for a lovely and creative woman like you.

        Honestly? Your photos give me “feeling like” I can relate to your style, yet at some point I was pretty much forced to create my own studio. I broke those rules and had to find my best self by shooting the lightbulbs directly. There’s a thought!

        Why? Initially, it felt to artificial.

        Stay true to yourself, and do not let anyone – EVER define who you “should be” – including that little pesky voice. It’s such a nuisance, isn’t it?

        Get your smile back, OK? Keep it too!

        Enjoy what’s left of your blessed weekend!

  2. In a few words you have hit the nail of insecurity on the head. You are the better self, Julie. We can’t keep up the best parts without having some sagging moments. ((Hugs))

    • Thanks, Tonya. I wrote this at a moment of urgent, quiet reflection. A low point. Feeling a little better now! Families should be our champions but, alas, that is not always the case, is it? Miss you at writer’s group. We’ve had a few new visitors recently. Last night there were eleven of us! It was a good gathering. Hope you are well (and hope to see you again soon!) Oh. Robin is hosting a potluck Christmas get together on 12/17 if that works for you. Are you on the mailing list Dennis sends out? If interested, let me know and I’ll send you details.

      • I am on the mailing list, so I’ve been getting updates. I do miss seeing all of you! I’ve been writing regularly, just more for personal reflection, so I haven’t made it a priority to come. I promise to be there soon, though! The group has been so helpful in my growth as a writer.

      • I think Robin will send directions to anyone who RSVPs to her directly. It’s 4:00 on 12/17. Let me know if you plan to come and I’ll send you more info.

        Good. Glad to hear you’re still writing! As for me, I’ve decided poetry is my thing – for now. I’m going to submit some poems for Lyrical Iowa. Fingers crossed!

      • I just checked my calendar and I’m actually going to be in Chicago that weekend to see Wicked. Thanks for thinking of me!

        That’s so exciting that you’ve settled on poetry. I’ve always thought poetry gave us such a unique way to collect our thoughts and self-reflect. You’ll have to let me know which ones you submit!

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