Autumn Mirth

Fall in the Midwest, my always-favorite season of the year. By the end of July or middle of August, I’m already looking forward to those refreshingly crisp, soul-soothing days of autumn. We were robbed, more than just a little bit, this time around though. There were a few achingly beautiful days, to be sure. For the most part, however, September and October were either way too warm – and humid – early on or miserably gloomy with harsh winds, overcast skies and damp, teeth-rattling cold, even a dusting or two of snow.

So when the opportunity presented itself, my sister Theresa and I took full advantage. Hubbies were both otherwise occupied so we decided a little gravel travel was called for. We travelled the back roads of Warren and Madison counties and stumbled upon some delightful discoveries. The temps were mild, the sky was oh-so-blue, there was no wind or breeze to speak of and the golden hour, she did not disappoint.


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